Double-edged saws

New York based design studio, Vault49, has created these hand-painted saws as part of a statement project about international budget cuts, called “(SUB)PRIME-CUTS” 

In their own words:

“Budgets are being butchered all around the world, and even worse it’s been done in such bad taste. These finely crafted financial tools should trim the fat nicely. Sink your teeth into these viciously hand-crafted beauties.”

typeverything: Typeverything.com

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Batch your favorite cocktail recipe and bring it to your next dinner party as a gift.

Red typography: 1 liter swing top bottle. Eat, Drink, Be Merry. Frosted glass.

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Dog Days Disco Poster by Stefan Glerum


Combover Typeface by Justin LaRosa


Movable Type